An exciting trend is currently sweeping through Perth and Saigon Soul Food is at the core of this movment. Having participated in restaurant take overs at Good Things café in Mosman Park, we were able to provide a unique and exiting new way to deliver our delicious food to our customers.

The café porivided a beautiful, casual yet intimate setting to host our first pop up restaurant take over event. Customers were able to enjoy a refreshing drink and some exciting new flavour all within walking distance of there respective front doors.

This was a great experience for us as Saigon Soul Food is all about servicing the community.  It was a fantastic opertunity to sit back and watch table after table come and enjoy this dinig experience as usually being a food truck our meals are take away.

We very much look forward to doing more of these style event around the city and bring the Soul to your local community!

The Soul of street food!